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TRW is a leading premium solution for brakes, suspension and steering. With over 100 years of experience as a parts supplier, we write standards for safety and quality for OEMs.

Textar has been a synonym for premium friction products for 100 years. Founded in 1913 as a sales company, the brand of the TMD Friction Group stands for high quality, optimum safety and highest braking comfort worldwide. In the high performance sector, TMD Friction’s Textar pads are the first choice for vehicles fitted with carbon ceramic brake discs. And with good reason, since these pads have been developed in close collaboration with the disc manufacturer to find the perfect match for this friction partner. Today, Textar offers the widest range of products and services for passenger cars currently built in the market. In the commercial vehicles sector, 70% of vehicles with drum brakes, and 50% of those with disc brakes, leave the assembly line fitted with Textar friction products.


Bremsi is a brand of the Italian company Frenauto, which produces brake system parts for all models of passenger and delivery vehicles and offers brake discs, drums, plates and linings in its range in order to provide the end user with the best product taking into account safety, durability and reasonable price.

Brake brake system parts are manufactured in accordance with ISO/TS and R90 standards using the most innovative technologies and the best raw materials, which is a guarantee of excellent quality. In its wide range, Bremsi offers over 4,200 different items and this offer is constantly expanding and supplementing to fully meet the needs of its customers.

Their company was founded in 1964 as a mechanical workshop that subsequently expanded into hydraulic spares for brakes, initially with a rather small range of cylinders that was later extended in light of increasing demand from strategic customers in the automotive industry, in both the aftermarket and OEM segments. The company’s product offerings now cover 95% of the automobiles and industrial vehicles currently on European and Asian roads. Nuova Tecnodelta’s state-of-the-art facility features CNC transfers and workstations as theyll as CNC and multi-spindle automatic lathes, allowing for high levels of diversification and flexibility, as theyll as unparalleled reliability and quality. Nuova Tecnodelta is an Italian leading manufacturer of hydraulic spare parts for brake-clutch systems and transmissions.

Spare parts from Bosch impress by their quality, reliability and innovative technology. They only go into serial production once they meet their very stringent requirements. With state of the art lights and brake systems, batteries with extremely long lives, wiper blades, starters and air filters that let six times less pollutants into the interior of ytheir car, Bosch provides high quality spare parts that make driving safer, more comfortable and more eco-friendly. Naturally, Bosch spare parts are available for almost all vehicle types in ex-works quality. That means: Spare parts from Bosch have the same first class quality as those fitted in ytheir car by the manufacturer.

FTE automotive is not only a leading development partner and OE supplier to the international automotive Industry, but also a preferred aftermarket partner. They also apply the experience and expertise they gain from producing original equipment to their Aftermarket spare parts program. From clutch and brake parts all the way to brake fluids for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, they offer an extensive product range to FTE distributors and independent garages in 117 countries. They guarantee first-class product quality and support for service and repairs. Choose original spare parts and premium service from FTE!

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and to the development of intuitive driving. In 2013, the Group generated sales of €12.1 billion euros and invested over 10% of its original equipment sales in research and development. Valeo has 124 production sites, 16 Research centers, 35 Development centers and 12 distribution platforms, and employs 74,800 people in 29 countries throughout the world.

Blue Print
Blue Print is the right choice for quality replacement parts for Asian, American, British cars and light commercial vehicles. Blue Print provides the aftermarket with highly accurate components as theyll as technical and information solutions for more than 160 different product types. Each month up to 100 new products are added to the Blue Print range to support their ‘First to Market’ ethos; up to 60% of the requests generated from customer feedback through their electronic catalogue are converted into new Blue Print articles. Every Blue Print component is designed and manufactured to be a direct OE replacement and all products comply with the requirements of spare parts for vehicles in accordance with EU regulation No 461/2010; all products go through intensive testing to match OE specifications and standards.

SWAG replacement parts live up to their promise. For 60 years, they have demonstrated their commitment to the independent aftermarket by supplying it with quality replacement parts to OE quality. They don’t leave their success to chance, hotheyver: not only have SWAG processes been successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, but each and every product is continuously tested to the strictest standards. Their range includes more than 22,000 car replacement parts for all renowned German, European and Asian vehicle types. Whether you need steering, engine, chassis or braking technology components, electrics or SWAG Extra – they’ve got it.

ATE is a leading German manufacturer of brake systems and components. The company was founded in 1906 and was named after its founder Alfred Tevez and very quickly gained recognition for the production of high quality brake system parts. Always focused on development and technical innovation, they are the manufacturers of Europe’s first hydraulically operated braking system. The quality of their products is recognized by many car manufacturers, so parts of the ATE brake system can be found as the first installation on a large number of new cars. From the first hydraulic brake system to the latest high-tech ABS system, you can expect only the highest level of quality and reliability from ATE. For this reason, ATE brake system parts are the right choice for your vehicle, because you will always get a product of original quality.

There are few brands that can boast of almost a century of experience, and BENDIX is one of them. Since 1924, BENDIX has maintained a reputation for reliability and high-quality braking performance, and has now been raised to another level. Under the auspices of TMD Friction, one of the leading manufacturers of brake system parts, it guarantees the wide range, quality, excellence and innovation that you all expect and deserve. All products are precisely designed and rigorously tested to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest level of quality. All the products in the box have everything you need for installation, which saves you valuable time and money. All BENDIX products are made of the highest quality friction materials for extra performance and braking comfort.